Household filters

For decades, we produce various filters for the use at home for well-known brand manufacturers. These include tea and coffee filters as well as cooker hood filters, water and vacuum cleaner filters and much more.

Tea and coffee filters

finum® is the world’s leading manufacturer of biodegradable paper tea filters. The wide product range offers a variety of sizes and shapes. So everyone can brew tea in their preferred way: in the pot, directly in the mug, cup or glass. Tea filters from finum® are aroma-true and offer the tea leaves a lot of space to develop their full flavour and aroma due to their double bottom fold. The filters are produced without adhesives and are biodegradable due to the natural fibres abaca and cellulose.

Filters for home ventilation

For the use in houses or flats we produce high-quality fine dust and activated charcoal filters that remove bacteria, viruses, pollen, mites, fine dust, smoke particles and even odours from the air.

Industrial filters

For use in industrial air purification, dust removal, protective ventilation, smoking cabins or welding fume extraction, we produce various filters optimized for each application. We also offer solutions for the ventilation of clean rooms.

Our products are able to separate pollen, dust, spores, bacteria, fly ash, viruses, mites, aerosols and smoke particles as well as odours, gases such as ozone and hazardous substances such as solvents from the air.

Office filters

Laser printers and copiers emit fine dust into the air we breathe which can penetrate into the lung cells and even cause cancer. With our CleanOffice® product range, we offer filters for use in the office that not only remove fine dust but also odours as well as ozone, benzene and toluene from the air.

Medical filters

In a controlled production environment we produce medical products such as filters for bacteria and virus for inhalation and exhalation up to class IIa. Well-known, globally active companies entrust us with the production of their medical filters and since 2015 we have been registered with the American regulatory authority FDA as a contract manufacturer for medical filters.

Water filters

Whether clean water in the aquarium, chlorine-free water for the coffee machine or the prevention of premature calcification in kitchen appliances, the application possibilities of our water filters are manifold. Due to our fully automatic production in a controlled and HACCP certified manufacturing environment we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this field. Our satisfied customers include numerous well-known brand manufacturers.

Odour absorption

Especially in production, in canteen kitchens or also in offices as well as at home, unpleasant odours are caused by e.g. soldering or tobacco smoke. Our filters for odour absorption are suitable for different applications and ensure that everyone can breathe again. For this purpose, we rely primarily on activated carbon which is ideal for absorbing unpleasant odours due to its natural properties.

Granulate filling

Whether water filters, charcoal cartridges or honeycomb filters: all these filters fulfil their purpose by means of granulates that are filled into a frame. Granulate filling in plastic or wooden frames as well as in deep-drawn nonwovens is therefore an important part of our work, among others also for renowned manufacturers such as Miele.

Customised solutions

We are specialised in the implementation of filter solutions in series production. For our customers, we develop and produce filters from the first idea to large-scale production.    We are pleased to place our wide range of manufacturing know-how at your disposal.