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Riensch & Held Clean Office Pro

Dangers from particulate matter do not only lurk on the road –copiers and laser printers in offices also emit fine dusts and nano particles. This is even more stressful for the employees as they often sit directly besides the equipment, which is poorly ventilated, and the fine dust penetrates deep into the lungs. In this way, even cancer can develop.

Our CLEAN OFFICE fine dust filters protect effectively against fine dust pollution when operating laser printers and copiers by reliably removing respirable fine dust from the exhaust air of the printer.


A grain of dust visible to the human eye has a size of 500 micrometers – 0.5 mm. A fine dust particle no longer visible to us is smaller than 10 micrometers = 0.01 mm. And the finer these particles are, the easier and deeper they can be absorbed via the respiratory tract into the bloodstream and thus into the organs. It is also called overcoming the blood-air barrier. This makes the new printer filter CLEAN OFFICE PRO even more important, as it is more powerful than all printer filters previously sold.

  • Best filter performance with up to 96%* depth effectiveness (currently tested by TÜV 12/2019)
  • Filters up to 96%* of all fine dust and ultra-fine dust particles (< 0.1 micrometers) from laser printers
  • Thanks to electrostatic charge the filter reaches its depth effectiveness
  • Offers additional protection against volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Capacity of up to 80,000 pages or up to 12 months, with a time change display on the filter
  • The housing made of recycled ABS enables a precise and durable sitting on the air outlet
  • No overheating of the printer possible (confirmed by TÜV)
  • Safe disposal via domestic waste


  • Besides fine dust, this product also filters ozone, benzene, toluene and volatile organic componds (VOC)
  • Ozone depletion efficiency of about 95%
  • Excellent filtering effect due to electrostatic material with honeycomb structure and activated carbon
  • Filter efficiency: 6-12 months, depending on printer use
  • Filter size: 150 x 120 mm
  • Available as single or double pack
  • Free air flow from the printer, no overheating
  • Easy to use: remove the adhesive strip and stick it over the air outlet
  • Efficiency confirmed by the independant testing laboratory fiatec – Filter & Aerosol Technologie GmbH
  • “Made in Germany” at the Riensch & Held plant, Hamburg

For more information on our range of printer and PC filters, please visit the detailed website of our CLEAN OFFICE brand or write to us by using our contact form.

We would be pleased to check for you whether our filters are suitable for your device and where the filter should be placed. You can also find further information in our compatibility list.

If you have any questions or if you would like a quote, please call us or use our contact form. We will be happy to help you find the best printer filter for your purposes!


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