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In selected product segments, we are one of the leading European manufacturers of filter solutions for the household, medical and industrial sectors.

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Our products are technically demanding quality products for household and industry applications. At our production site in Hamburg, we provide the technological know-how for a production quality that meets the highest customer demands.

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We have been manufacturing filters for various applications for decades. We support our customers in the development of their filters with our extensive experience.


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About us

For us, tradition is the handshake between the past and the future. Riensch & Held traditionally focuses on people as partners.


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Riensch & Held has the highest standards of quality and safety. For this reason, we have a large number of certificates and maintain the highest quality and safety standards.


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Household filters

For decades, we have been producing various filters for the use at home for well-known brand manufacturers. These include tea and coffee filters as well as cooker hood filters, water and vacuum cleaner filters and much more.

Water filters

Whether clean water in the aquarium, chlorine-free water for the coffee machine or prevention of premature calcification in kitchen appliances, the application possibilities of our water filters are manifold.


Tea and coffee filters

finum® is the world’s leading manufacturer of biodegradable paper tea filters. The wide product range covers a variety of sizes and shapes. So everyone can brew tea in his or her preferred way: in the pot, directly in the mug, cup or glass.




Customized solutions

We have specialized in the development of individual filter solutions for our customers. In close cooperation with our clients, we develop and produce the ideal filters for their applications.


Industrial filters

For the use in air purification, dust extraction, protective ventilation, smoking cabins or in the welding fume extraction we produce filters in all filter classes.
At our production site in Hamburg we produce coarse particle filters of the classes ISO ePM 10, ISO ePM 2,5 and ISO ePM 1 as well as of the filter classes EPA, HEPA and ULPA.



Medical filters

In a controlled manufacturing environment we produce medical products such as bacteria and virus filters for inhalation and exhalation up to class IIa.

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