Paper tea and coffee filters

Tea Filters

finum® is the world-leading manufacturer of biodegradable paper tea filters. The large product range offers a variety of sizes and shapes. So, everyone can brew the tea in their preferred way: in the pot, directly in the mug, cup or glass. Tea filters from finum® are flavor-true and offer the tea leaves a lot of space to develop the full taste and aroma with their double bottom fold. The filters are manufactured without adhesives and are biodegradable due to the natural fibres abaca and cellulose.

Open Style Brewing

To prepare the tea directly in a glass or mug, finum® has developed the CUP SIZE FILTERS with stick. By fixing the open filter on the stick, the tea can be filled in easily and the hot water can be poured directly onto the tea leaves.

Closed Style Brewing

The filling flap can be folded around the filter opening and fixed with the stick. Then place the stick on the rim of a cup or mug so that the tea filter hangs down elegantly.

Upright Brewing

The finum® tea filter with the practical filling flap is available in different sizes; it is particularly simple and clean in handling. A filter holder is not necessary as it can be held by the flap and can also be removed by the flap after brewing the tea.

Coffee Filters

The unbleached paper filters for ground coffee are made of cellulose, FSC-certified and biodegradable. They are manufactured without addition of adhesives or other binding agents.

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