Tea and coffee makers

Tea Control™ pots

The patented tea makers TEA CONTROL™ are ideal for leaf teas and allow an easy control of the brewing process. By twisting the lid of the pot, the tea leaves are pushed into a closed area. This is how the tea tastes from the first to the last cup. All glass pots of the TEA CONTROL™ series are heat resistant. The integrated filter basket is made of heat-resistant tritan™ and therefore neutral in taste. Awarded with the prestigious reddot® design price and the GOOD DESIGN™ award of the Chicago Athenaeum.

Tea glass with a system

A combination of finely designed borosilicate glasses with precisely fitting permanent filters made of microfine stainless steel mesh and temperature resistant PP frame. The ideal solution for direct brewing in glass. The double-walled glasses keep the temperature in the glass and can easily be touched even without handles.

Bloom and Flow™

By brewing by hand, the coffee taste can be better influenced. With the finum® BLOOM AND FLOW™ coffee maker , you can give a personal touch to your coffee. This is made possible by the integrated filter holder, which allows an optimal flow of water. All pointed paper filters (so-called V-filters) for 2 to 5 cups can be inserted into this filter holder. This allows you to freely determine the quantity of coffee.

Each V-filter can be adapted to the filter holder by bending it laterally. The German-made, machine-blown borosilicate glass is elegantly shaped, has excellent thermal properties and is suitable for use on the stove. The soft silicone cuff is available in red or black. With its own lid and in combination with the finum® COFFEE WARMER, the coffee stays hot and digestible.

  1. Use any V-filter you want for 2 – 5 cups. Adjust the V-filter to the filter holder by folding it sideways and then inserting it.
  2. Soak the paper filter in the filter holder (still without coffee) with hot water.
  3. Empty the carafe.
  4. Weigh 10 g of freshly ground coffee per cup (20 – 50 g) and pour into the filter.
  5. Bloom: First pour in only enough hot water (not boiling) to allow the coffee powder to soak up. Then let it swell for 40 seconds.
  6. Flow: Pour the coffee starting from the centre with a thin, continuously circling water jet.
  7. For 3 cups: Always pour on enough so that the water level does not exceed the coffee cake by more than 2.5 cm until 415 ml (~ 415 g) is reached. For up to 5 cups: Always pour enough water so that the water level does not exceed the filter holder until 710 ml (~ 710 g) is reached.
  8. The brewing phase should last about 4 minutes. If the coffee runs through faster, then grind finer. If it flows too slowly, grind more coarsely.
  9. When the coffee has passed through, the filter holder on the handle is removed and the paper filter is disposed of with the coffee grounds. Insert the lid – finished.

Maximum enjoyment for all aficionados!

You can find further information here: www.finum.eu.

If you have any questions or if you would like a quote, please call us or use our contact form. We will be happy to help you find the best tea and coffee maker for your purposes!


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