Particulate air filters

Particulate air filters for extraction systems

  • Development and production in Hamburg, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Particulate air filters EPA E10 - E12, HEPA filters H13 - H14
  • Application: ventilation technology, exhaust systems, air purifier, tobacco smoke, welding smoke, soldering smoke, laser smoke, residential ventilation and dedusting
  • Filter media made of glass fibre, synthetics or combined media
Particulate air filters
Particulate air filters
  • Pleat height from 15 mm for mini-pleat to 250 mm for deep-pleat
  • Large filter surfaces adapted to spatial conditions enable high volume flows at small size
  • Thermoplastic spacers between the pleats with high temperature resistance
  • Supply of standard or special filters in special sizes
  • Frames made of MDF or plastic in different dimensions and wall thicknesses
Particulate air filters
  • Durable and heat resistant edge sealing as well as continuous seals made of PU foam
  • Grip protection against damage of the filter package (one-sided / both-sided)
  • Handles made of e. g. textile tape as carrying grip
  • Combi filters in different types glued and sealed in the frame: pre-filter /particulate air filter or activated charcoal filter / particulate air filter
  • Activated charcoal filters for absorption of unpleasant odours, multi-layer charcoal filter media, filter mats or PU foams with activated charcoal impregnation
  • Constant supply from stock is possible