Micro filter with electrostatic charge

Microstat filters achieve an excellent filtration efficiency and at the same time permit a good air permeability. The electrostatic effectiveness of microstat filter media is obtained by mixing different synthetic fibres (modacrylic fibres, polypropylene fibres etc.). The progressive structure of the filter media enables the depth filtration and consequently a long life time of the filter.


Quality control
In our own laboratory we are testing the filtration efficiency and air permeability of different filter media at different flow rates. Thereby a particle counter determines the separation rates of several measuring ranges between 0,3 and 10 µ.

Possible application fields for microstat filters are:

  • Coarse dust filters for air conditioners
  • Fine dust filters for air purifiers and air-conditioning systems
  • Motor protection or exhaust air filters for vacuum cleaners
  • Vehicule interior filters
  • Dust masks
  • Medical technology filters
Cuts microstat filter
Cuts microstat filter

Depending on grammage (30 - 400 g/m²) different coarse and fine dust filter classes ranging from G2 to F5 are achieved.

Microstat filters are available in rolls or in cuts of the requested size, if required also packed in polybags.


Processing options for our microstat nonwovens include:

  • Converting or printing of washable qualities with edges sealed by ultrasonic
Verarbeitungsmöglichkeiten für unsere Microstat-Filter
Microfilter in Kunststoffrahmen
  • Integration in plastic frames
  • Combination with PU foams



  • Combination with grids for stabilization, e. g. with pleated filters
  • Combination with activated charcoal media
Mircofilter für Staubsauger


In close cooperation with you we will develop the most suitable filter quality for your vacuum cleaner.