Injection moulding with insert


Kunststoffteile mit integriertem Filtergewebe

Plastic parts with integrated filter cloth

  • Air filter
  • Water filter
  • Particle filter
  • Different plastics
  • Diverse filtration media
Permanente Kaffee- & Teefilter
  • Permanent filters for tea and coffee
  • All standard sizes available
  • Filter made of nylon and stainless steel, dishwasher safe
  • Long life time
  • Special designs possible
  • No effect on the fresh coffee aroma
  • Replaces paper filter
  • FDA / BgVV approved



  • Tools with inserts for the use of different filter media
Luftfilter für Verbrennungsmotoren
  • Air filter for combustion engines with maximum surface
  • Assembling of multipart products


  • Fluff filter
  • Coarse dust filter
  • Dust filter
  • Filter frames made of TPU and TPE with sealing function



  • Medical technology