Filters for vacuum cleaners

Riensch & Held manufactures pleated HEPA-filters, micro active filters, activated charcoal filters and filter housings.

Furthermore we produce filter cartridges and multi-layer systems according to your specific requirements. These high performance filter systems absorb unpleasant odours and retain smallest particles such as bacteria, pollen or dust mites.


Filters for vacuum cleaners

HEPA Filters

  • HEPA particulate air filters (allergy filters)
  • Filtration classes EPA E10 - E12, HEPA H13 – H14
  • Separation of even smallest suspended particles such as smoke, bacteria, viruses, pollen or dust mites

Motor protection and exhaust air filters

  • Motor protection filter made of polyester with high air permeability
  • Fluff sieve, plastic part with integrated filter mesh as coarse filter
  • Micro filter with electrostatic charge, optionally made of washable qualities
  • Universal micro filter, can be cut to size for all models, standard sizes: 295x210mm, 195x255mm, individual packaging possible on demand (private label)
Aktivkohle Filter

Activated charcoal filters

Charcoal filter for adsorption of unpleasant odours that may develop in the vacuum cleaner bag from e.g. animal hair